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Startups - Why use us?

Are you looking to start up a company and need someone to cost effectively guide you? Have a business that is not growing as you would like?

We have experience in working with start-ups and know how to work where resources are very limited and you are trying to break into a market. Tight budgets require that only the most effective projects get done, and we are able to come up with pragmatic solutions that give you cost-effective results. We won't recommend expensive brand building campaigns or the like, but instead focus in on activities that get you immediate results. We know budgets are tight and that every dollar has to be made to work for you.

Peter Donohue, the principal at Expand Abroad, was the founder of HELPUHIRE Solutions, an ASP-based recruiting software as a service provider. He also started California Kayaker Magazine, a regional print and online magazine. He also was very involved with the founding of Passion Trail Bikes, a brick and mortar high-end bicycle retailer (that he current sits on the board of directors for). Entrepreneurship is in his blood. We can help right from the start - taking the idea to being a successful business. Expand Abroad Consulting has the business, management, and marketing experience needed to allow start-ups to grow.

Magazine/Newsletter - Why use us?

Peter started California Kayaker Magazine from the ground up a 4-color, print and online, regional magazine that is now in its third year of publication and growing. He has also been an author for many other publications, including Cycle California, Wavelength Magazine, etc.

He can provide guidance on how to start a newsletter or magazine for any type of industry. This experience also is very useful for document production.

New Geographic Market Entry - Why use us?

Are you looking to expand outside of your home country into the United States and don't have the resources or knowledge? Expand Abroad Consulting is able to bridge the business and cultural differences, and allow you to quickly gain entry into the U.S. market.

We have experience living and working in different countries and understand the unique challenges involved with going abroad. We are culturally sensitive and work well with people from other countries. And once again, we are very pragmatic and are able to find ways to gain market entry without busting your budget.