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ASUK TechnologiesASUK Technologies is an inventor of a heating technology, around which they have developed a variety of consumer products. Expand Abroad is working with them on determining the best channels and marketing cto use and launching these products, inluding setting up an Amazon Webstore for their products and developing literature.
AQUAPAL USA AQUAPAL Japan sells hand crafted ceramic soaking tubs and hand wash basins in Japan. Now they are looking to break into the US market, and Expand Abroad provided marketing strategy, literature development, sales channel development, manned a trades show booth for, and similar advice, along with connecting them to American contacts that may be interested in these tubs.
Bay Area Paddlefest Bay Area Paddlefest is the largest consumer-oriented paddlesports expo in California (and perhaps on the West Coast). Expand Abroad was hired to market and run the 2012 event, with a primary goal of making the event not lose money, along with meet the vendors goals of reaching potential customers. Contracted with exhibitors, developed print and online ads for the event, worked with the park to meet their permitting requirements, arranged for volunteers and clinic instructors, etc. Took an event that lost $3k in 2011 to making over $3k in this year (after all expenses, including my fee), while also increasing the number of "tire kicking" (people looking to buy paddlesports equipment) attendees.
California Kayaker Magazine California Kayaker Magazine is a print and online magazine focusing on being the source for kayaking information for California. They are also dedicated to promoting fun and responsible kayaking, and advocating for increased paddling opportunities in this region. The principal at Expand Abroad was the founder and currently is editor, publisher, and ad sales manager for this magazine. Founded in 2009, it has published 9 issues and print runs are currently over 10,000 copies per issue.
Direct Commerce Inc.Expand Abroad developed marketing programs and managed the external web site for this enterprise software start-up. We did a lot of great marketing and web improvements for them, but in truth I think the greatest impact we had was in helping the company realize that it had lost focus on sales and the sales pipeline, but instead were focusing on updates for current customers. They made changes and we when we left they had a good number of prospects.
HELPUHIRE SolutionsHELPUHIRE was an SaaS software start-up that develops and hosts job applicant prescreen questionnaires, so that companies can easily and inexpensively sort through the piles of resumes and find the qualified applicants (something we wish was available when we were hiring at previous companies). Expand Abroad has been fully involved with this startup, from writing the business plan through to launching promotional activities (including getting articles published in trade media on the company) and licensing the service to a company who was using it in China. Note: The website for this company is no longer visible, but an Executive Summary and a Case Study are still available to be viewed.
Passion Trail Bikes Passion Trail Bikes, a high end mountain bike retailer that the principal of Expand Abroad invested a minority stake in, advised the other owner/manager as the shop was started and worked towards profitability, and we currently sit on the company's board of directors of.
Sea Otter Classic Sea Otter Classic is the largest cycling event in the world, with over 10,000 competitors (and many times as many spectators). Ran the facilities ascpet, from managing over 30 event vehicles to arranging for power and internet access in the middle of fields.
Yamamoto Kanpou USA Yamamoto Kanpou is an importer of Japanese health food supplements, has done well selling through Japanese groceries and specialty stores in the US. Now Expand Abroad is helping them make the next step and get into other markets within the United States. This partnership has worked well - they know their products well, but aren't as well versed on how to do business in the States (when and where to advertise, should they go to a trade show, etc.), which is advice I am easily able to provide them. The principal at Expand Abroad's knowledge of the Japanese language and culture has helped immensely.